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Instagram video

One minute video with player's best actions for Instagram. The actions in this video can be mixed or specific (only goals, assists, etc)



Match Performance Video

The video which shows the best actions of a footballer in the match.

Highlights video

The video which includes best actions of a footballerThere are 2 kinds of video

1. Mixed video - All actions would be mixed

2. Category video - All actions are ranked sequentially with a particular category. Firstly, category name and then all related actions would follow.  

One action video

This video includes an action of footballers. It can be a goal, assist or anything you want.

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Highligts video
Match performance video
Instagram videos
One action video
Slavko Bralic ● AE Larisa ● Centre-Back ● 2020 HD
Highligts video
Haciaga Hacili ● Qarabag FC ● Azerbaijan U-21 ● Midfielder ● 2020
Highligts video
Qismat Aliyev ● Gabala FC ● Midifelder ● Right-Back ● 2020 HD
Highligts video
Kamal Mirzayev ● Al-Salmiya ● Midfielder ● 2019/2020
Highligts video
Tural Bayramli ● Keshla FC ● Midfielder ● 2019/2020
Highligts video
Filip Ivanovic vs Gabala (19/12/2019)
Match performance video
Elvin Jamalov ● Zira FC & Azerbaijan ● Half Season 2019/2020
Highligts video
Amin Seydiyev - 1 Minute Of Skills 2019/20
Instagram videos
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We take your best moments and turn them into a high-quality video . We use player identification technology with a transparent circle so as to draw the viewers’ attention to your actions. At the same time, we are publishing your video on the most well-known social media platforms.

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